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We Don't believe in Impossible


From conception to completion…From that beautiful thought that can grow to be your future. You know your trade but can only articulate what  you mean. You do not have the time nor the years of experience to take the idea from conception to completion. Ingrams has taken scratchings on a restaurant napkin and turned it into a retail outlet. Design & Construct is leaving the details to the experts. It is engaging the company that has the skills to manage the process so that concept does not get lost… ever.

Construct is easy if what was said by the customer is what is heard by the tradesmen. Too many times the translation is lost and at Ingrams this thread of concept that is so important must prevail to the opening day when the pictures of the final product speak a thousand words. From a simple concept comes the best of everything. The very best of the past 50 years combined with the dizzying array of technological advances at our disposal make Ingrams the right choice, when engaging a myriad of companies just doesn’t make sense.

From a million dollar office & warehousing facility in an industrial park to a muffin shop in the CBD, our services are suited to shopfitting, commercial fitouts and fine joinery. To maintain the conceptual thread is what you expect when you engage our services. We can provide the talent that ensures it never gets lost. We think it is why you should choose design and construct in the first place.


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